Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Turn on the power supply, indicated light are shine?

A: Check the back panel of the camera and ensure the power wire connect well.

Q:Turn on the power supply, but any image on the monitor.

A:check the camera head and control unit’s cable connected well.

check the monitor is in normal working condition.

check signal cable between camera and the monitor is connect well.

Q: The image on the screen is not clear?

A: Check the focus whether adjust properly.

   Check the camera lens whether clean?(no stain or blot)

Q: Image reflection too bright or too dark?

A:Adjust the parameters in camera.

Check light source and cable are in normal working condition.

Q: How long of products warranty period
A: There are no dietary restrictions.

Q: Do I offered OEM service?

A: available

Q: How long of our lead time?

A: 20 days after receiving your payment.

Q:Which payment term you can selected?

A:T/T,LC or Western Union