DELON got great success in Arab Health


2023-02-08 18:19



The Arab Health Exhibition and Congress is the premier international healthcare event in the Middle East bringing together the world’s leading healthcare manufacturers, tradesmen, organisations and professionals. Arab Health is the largest exhibition in the region and is generally viewed as a must attend global event in the healthcare calendar. Established over three decades ago, the exhibition offers an ideal environment for companies to showcase their products in one of the fastest growing and most lucrative healthcare markets in the world.

The Arab Health will take place on 4 days from Monday, 29. January to Thursday, 01. February 2018 in Dubai.

Our company (BEIJING FANXING GUANGDIAN MEDICAL TREATMENT EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD.) displayed our featured products as usually: Medical camera(HD3CCD, HD CMOS, SD1CCD, 3 in 1 Portable Camera), Medical cold light source (XENON,LED),Medical monitor, Recorder box(HD & SD), CO2 Insufflator, Graphics workstation(Software),Endoscope and instrument, Medical Trolley etc. Recently years, our company make efforts to develop new technology. this time, our company showed owned proprietary intellectual property rights products. Such as 3D camera and USB portable camera and Iphone adaptor etc.

This time our company got great success in this exhibition, new technology products attractive a lot of new and old customers. Some of customers placed orders directly in our booth. 


Beijing Fanxing Guangdian Medical Treatment Equipment Co.,Ltd.