Company Profile



Company Profile:

Beijing Fanxing Guangdian Medical Treatment Equipment Co., Ltd. is a company which focused on high-tech enterprises in the field of endoscopy camera system and the leading manufacturer of endoscopy camera system`s research and development in China. It has a history of over 10 years. The company was established in 1998, since its inception, adhering to the motto "treat technology development as the method, take customers' satisfaction as the goal", try our best to make great contributions to the human health in Minimally Invasive Surgery filed.

Independent innovation is not only our mission, but also is our pursuit. In 2010 we have launched-- with independent property rights--full HD endoscopy camera system 1080P; it is the replacement products in the endoscopic camera field. The main specifications of HD380 camera has now reached the advanced level in the world, and the USB HD recording and 1000 Gigabit network images transfer are first used in the world.

The company has got "Zhongguancun high-tech enterprises", "Beijing high-tech enterprises" and other honorary titles, the products has passed the"ISO13485", CE and FDA certification. Now our products are exported to the United States, Germany and the countries and regions of South America, Southeast Asia, and Latin America, has enjoyed a good reputation among them.

In the century of prosperity, our company faces the opportunities and challenges. We are committed to bringing the best products, best price and best service to the customers all over the world.



Company History:

1. Got the Zhongguancun high-tech enterprise certificate in 2009 (Certificate No: 20092011243602)

2. Got a Beijing high-tech enterprise certificate in 2009 (Certificate No: GR200911002417)

3. F168D Camera products projects got special funds support from Development and Reform Commission in Haidian District of Beijing in 2009.

4. Pass ISO13485 certification in 2010.

5. F168D camera products pass the CE test, got the CE certification in 2010.

6. HD380, LED300 pass the CE test, got the CE certification in 2011.

7. F168D, HD180, HD380, LED300 pass FDA certification in 2011.

8. Our products have obtained more than 10 patents.

9. Our endoscope graphic software gets the software copyright certification.

10. Our HD endoscope graphic workstation software gets the software copyright certification.

11. Our independent innovated product F168D Single-chip camera was enrolled in the ninth new independent innovation products catalog of Beijing in 2010.

12. At present, our main technical index of the endoscope camera system has reached the leading level in the world.

Perfect goods, competitive price and good quality are our policy all the time. Professional sales people can give you the best service any time just when you need. Let's hand in hand for our bright future.



1998 Emerging edges

Our company foundedlater it became the leading manufacturer focusing on the production of endoscope,the camera system of endoscope and their peripheral supporting products in China,setting R&D, production, marketing and service as one.The company owns R&D center and laboratories in  Global health center platform in Dongsheng International Science Park, Zhongguancun, Beijing.Besides it has a wholly-owned sales company in Xi'an.


2008 Moving forward steadily

China's first self-developed SD endoscope camera system with video recording function - DeLon F168D was born


2013 Pioneering and enterprising

  • China's first self-developed HD three-chip endoscope camera system- DeLon HD380 was born
  • Obtained the European medical device CE certification
  • Obtained the US FDA certification


2015 Come back twice as strong

  •   Successfully listed on the New Third Board. Stock name:Fanxing Medical.Stock symbol834756
  •   Won the titles of "Beijing High-tech Enterprise" and "Zhongguancun High-tech Enterprise"


2017 Blaze new trails  

Started independent R&D of 4K UHD endoscope camera system and 4K optical endoscope


2019 Carry off the palm 

China's first truly intelligent 4K endoscopic camera system was launched--- Delon HD3840 was born, the platform can be compatible up and down, backward compatible with 1080P CMOS chip, upward compatible with 8K future super HD camera system.

2020 Push hard

  •   The third-generation 4K UHD camera system with completely independent core algorithm had obtained the CFDA registration certificate, which fully meets the needs of clinical surgery in various disciplines and realizes precision medicine.
  •   Fully independently developed 10mm, 4mm dynamic optical endoscope, technical indicators had reached the international leading level--- approved "Beijing Innovative Medical Device" review channel.
  •   Newly proposed 4K optical chain theory. 4mm and 10mm 4K optical endoscope were the world's first,and obtained the patent certificates. Perfect for the self-developed 4K camera system, the resolution is world-leading.


2021 Strive to be the first

  •   The independent R&D of a full range of disposable endoscope platforms had been successful, including otolaryngology, gynecology, general surgery, gastroenterology and various disposable endoscopes. In line with the times, flanked breakthrough, achieved corner overtaking,and broke the monopoly.
  •   Won the title of "specialized and new" small and medium-sized enterprises in Beijing

2022  Big innovation

The completely self-developed fluorescence camera system and fluorescence optical endoscope were successful.

2023  Keep going

In September 2023, the production base for endoscopes will be moved to the Langfang Linkong Economic Zone, covering an area of approximately 7,000 square meters, and the production scale will be further expanded.

To the future  

 Looking to the future, we are constantly exploiting...


  • 4K optical endoscope products Industrialize 
  • Complete the registration of 10 disposable endoscope products to prepare for industrialization
  • Develop 8K camera system
  • Develop and complete the patented product of intraoperative AI automatic processing endoscope lens device

Head office:


Dong Guoqing


Manager Director:

Wang Fuming


Overseas manger:

Monica Dong