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Disposable Electronic Ureteroscope

The Disposable Electronic Ureteroscope by Delon integrates advanced imaging technology with flexible maneuverability to enhance precision and comfort in urological procedures.




Revolutionizing Urological Procedures: Introducing the Disposable Electronic Ureteroscope

In the ever-evolving landscape of medical technology, breakthrough innovations continue to redefine the standards of patient care and procedural efficiency. Among these advancements stands the Disposable Electronic Ureteroscope, a remarkable tool poised to revolutionize urological procedures.

At the heart of this groundbreaking device lies cutting-edge engineering, designed to enhance both diagnostic accuracy and procedural outcomes. Let us delve into the technical parameters that underpin its remarkable capabilities:

Pixel-Perfect Imaging: With a camera head boasting an impressive pixel count of 49 (width), the Disposable Electronic Ureteroscope delivers unparalleled clarity and precision in visualizing the intricate structures of the urinary tract. This high-resolution imagery empowers healthcare professionals with a comprehensive view, enabling swift and accurate diagnoses.

Lens of Precision: Equipped with an active lens size of 1/8 inch, this ureteroscope ensures optimal focus and clarity throughout the entirety of the procedure. The meticulous engineering of the lens guarantees exceptional image quality, providing clinicians with invaluable insights into the patient's condition.

Array Advancements: The distal end of the Disposable Electronic Ureteroscope features an array size of 700x700, amplifying the scope of observation and facilitating thorough examination of the urinary tract. This expansive field of view enables healthcare providers to navigate with confidence, identifying abnormalities with unparalleled clarity.

Slim yet Sturdy: Despite its slender profile, with a maximum width of 2.95mm, this ureteroscope boasts remarkable durability and flexibility. Engineered to navigate the intricate pathways of the urinary tract with ease, it ensures minimal patient discomfort while maintaining structural integrity throughout the procedure.

Innovative Instrumentation: With an inner diameter of the instrument channel measuring 1.2mm, the Disposable Electronic Ureteroscope accommodates a diverse range of ancillary instruments, facilitating seamless intervention when necessary. This versatility enhances procedural efficiency, empowering clinicians to address complex cases with precision and confidence.

Extended Reach: Featuring a working length of the insertion tube spanning 680mm, this ureteroscope offers clinicians enhanced maneuverability and reach during procedures. This extended scope ensures comprehensive exploration of the urinary tract, enabling thorough examination and targeted interventions.

Flexible Maneuverability: The range of tip bending, with the capability to articulate up to 275 degrees in both upward and downward directions, empowers clinicians with unparalleled control and flexibility. This dynamic maneuverability enables precise navigation through tortuous anatomical pathways, ensuring optimal visualization and access to targeted areas.

In conclusion, the Disposable Electronic Ureteroscope represents a paradigm shift in urological instrumentation, embodying the synergy of precision engineering and clinical innovation. With its unparalleled imaging capabilities, robust design, and versatile functionality, this remarkable device is poised to redefine the landscape of urological procedures, ushering in a new era of excellence in patient care.