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Disposable Electronoc Nasopharyngoscope

DelonTech introduces its Disposable Electronic Nasopharyngoscope, featuring cutting-edge technology for precise nasopharyngeal examinations. With high-definition imaging, compact design, and exceptional maneuverability, clinicians can navigate with ease, aided by a 130-degree tip bending range. Seamlessly integrated with the Electronic Endoscope Camera Image Processor, this instrument ensures enhanced diagnostic accuracy, setting a new standard in patient care.




Technical Parameters:

  • Camera Head Pixel: 49
  • Lens Size (inch): Active 1/18
  • Array Size Distal End: 700x700
  • Maximum Width (mm): 2.95
  • Inner Diameter of Instrument Channel (mm): 1.2
  • Working Length of Insertion Tube (mm): 300
  • Range of Tip Bending: Up to 130 degrees (both directions)


Introducing the Disposable Electronic Nasopharyngoscope by DelonTech, a cutting-edge medical instrument engineered for meticulous nasopharyngeal examinations. Crafted with precision and advanced technology, this device offers clinicians unparalleled clarity and maneuverability for enhanced diagnostic accuracy.

With a camera head pixel resolution of 49 and an array size of 700x700 at the distal end, our Disposable Electronic Nasopharyngoscope ensures superior high-definition imaging, facilitating detailed visualization of nasal and pharyngeal structures. Its compact design, boasting a maximum width of 2.95mm and an instrument channel inner diameter of 1.2mm, guarantees smooth insertion and patient comfort during procedures.

Featuring a 300mm working length of the insertion tube and a 130-degree tip bending range in both upward and downward directions, our nasopharyngoscope offers clinicians exceptional flexibility and control, enabling seamless navigation through intricate anatomical passages.

Paired seamlessly with our Electronic Endoscope Camera Image Processor, this device delivers real-time image processing capabilities, optimizing color reproduction, contrast enhancement, and sharpness refinement for precise diagnostic evaluation. Together, they form an integrated system that elevates diagnostic standards and enhances patient care.