The 15th International Gynecological Symposium DELON


2023-02-08 18:06


The 15th International Symposium on Gynecologic Oncology and Minimally Invasive Surgery was held at the First Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University on May 26-28, 2012.


The symposium was attended by well-known gynecologists and scholars at home and abroad, including Xia Enlan, Kong Beihua, Xiangyang, Zhang Zhenyu, Xie Hongzhe, Cui Heng and Yao Zhongshu. Beijing Star Optoelectronic Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. to carry the world's first independent research and development with the world's first hard disk HD video and Gigabit network transmission image full HD three-chip endoscope camera system participated in this meeting, and STORZ, Olympus, Stryker three well-known foreign brands competing to participate in the live operation of the scene. During the use of DELON HD three-chip camera comes with Gigabit network transmission of high-definition image technology, network high-definition live, more than 800 participating doctors to enjoy the team led by Professor Yao Shuzhong surgery the whole process. DELON Full HD camera system on behalf of domestic high-end medical equipment in the domestic top academic conference on the first live, it created a domestic HD equipment in minimally invasive clinical application of historical precedent, landmark landmark.

Experts surprise: DELON high-definition camera system and foreign well-known brands and no difference. Convinced that: DELON high-definition camera system will become the pioneers of high-definition equipment, imported medical brand alone the reality of the Chinese market will become history!